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Our non-profit mission is to help lift VuHaus Group stations and the artists they believe in onto a national stage. VuHaus Group stations receive the following benefits:

Content Distribution


Highlighting the artists you support and your station to a wider audience

  • National and international distribution and promotion of your video content at

  • Distribution throughout the public media system through the ‘Live Sessions’ and ‘Song Of The Day’ embeddable players

  • Use of the embeddable video players on your station site – ideal to fulfill listener interest in music video without sending them outside of your website

  • Your ‘City Page’ curated by and branded with your station on Live Sessions 

  • Market Exclusivity as a VuHaus Group affiliate

  • Access to embed all live streams and archived performances from Live Sessions on your site





At least 3 revenue sources available to your station through VuHaus Group

  • Your underwriting and digital inventory is included in the VuHaus Group Sponsorship Network made up of 20 public radio/TV stations with on-air, digital and event sponsorship inventory, when approved by you

  • Access to digital ad inventory on Live Sessions for your broadcasting area for your station’s underwriters

  • Sales commission revenue back to your station on referrals to VuHaus Group for sponsorship of station group and/or Live Sessions digital



Brand Extension & Participation


Opportunities to expand and build your station's brand

  • Participation in collaborative editorial projects, managed by VuHaus Group, including our 4th year of Slingshot / Station Breaks in 2020, future projects, events, and distribution plans

  • Consulting and reporting on your content: metrics, social engagement, content strategy

  • Participation in strategy and direction of the network as we develop future partnerships



VuHaus Group Support


Our non-profit mission is to help lift VuHaus Group stations and the artists they believe on to a national stage.

A 7-person management team at VuHaus Group represents all VuHaus Group member stations in projects, strategy and collaborations with other VuHaus Group stations, NPR Music, PBS, and other distributors, industry conferences and publications, music festivals, artists, and their managers/labels



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