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Our unique national network is leveraged by major brands to get in front of new audiences effectively.



Our station group offers outstanding digital content, on-air messaging, promotions, sponsorships of our editorial projects and live events, all in one place. We provide brands effective ways to surround valuable consumers - loyal to public media, our stations and the artists we support.

Case Studies


west elm Celebrate Local

To help bolster their connection with local communities in key markets, West Elm corporate partnered with VuHaus Group  stations to produce 7 ‘Celebrate Local’ events with local designers and musicians for a special evening, open to the public.

  • VuHaus and the stations promoted through digital pre-roll that we produced, live announcements on the stations and social media

  • At each event 150+ enjoyed west elm’s ‘living room’ layout for great live music, food and showcases of local musicians, artists and designers


Subaru presents WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival & the VuHaus Live Stream

Subaru USA has presented one of the nation’s largest radio station festivals for over 10 years. For the last 5 years, they’ve partnered with us to produce the full coverage live web stream with digital and on-air coverage, bolster Subaru’s on-site expo, headliner-signed guitar giveaways and months of promotion. It’s one of Subaru Corporate’s most successful local promotions.

iZotope’s Spire partners with NPR Music Stations for Slingshot & SXSW 2018

To coincide with the launch of their first hardware product, iZotope worked with us for a 2-year campaign to connect Spire with Music Discovery and artists. Putting all of our editorial and promotional abilities in action, we got behind 40+ artists as they take the path to becoming a bigger force in music. We produced 10 activation events with iZotope in key markets around Austin City Limits, Americanafest with WMOT Nashville, , Concerts @ The Mural (KEXP Seattle) and ‘Summer Nights’ with KCRW in Los Angeles, each highlighting their mobile studio RV, inviting fans and musicians to demo Spire and connect with consumers personally. 

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